Cold Cuts, Breads, and Beyond

Italian Food 101 (Part 1)

Today, The Gourmet Glutton starts something new. A podcast. In the first season, we will talk about Italian cuisine. And who better to show us the way than Chef Apar Chatterjee, one of my oldest school friends who has tremendous knowledge of Italian food. Incidentally, it is also his birthday tomorrow so, Happy Birthday Chef!

The series will be accented with classic Italian music, recordings of the legendary Luciano Pavarotti. So join us on a seven-week journey through the wonders of Italian food.

In part 1, we talk about some of the similarities between Indian and Italian cuisine, before moving on to a discussion of the Italian antipasti, particularly the magnificent array of Italian cold cuts and breads. Click on this link to go to the podcast.

Music :       Intro – Torna e Surriento

                     Outro – La Donna e Mobile            


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