The Glorious Italian Antipasti

Italian Food 101 (Part 2)

The Gourmet Glutton podcast is on its way. Last time, we kick-started our discussion of Italian food with Chef Apar Chatterjee with a look at the Italian antipasti. We looked at some of the integral components of any self-respecting antipasti platter, including the cold cuts and the breads.

This time, we dive into cheeses, and talk about some of the most popular Italian cheeses. We discuss a few other miscellaneous items and bring everything together into the ultimate antipasti platter. I hope you don’t fill up too quickly, because we’ve only just begun on our seven-week journey through the intricacies of Italian cuisine. Click on this link to go to the podcast.

Music :       Intro – Torna e Surriento

                     Outro – Che Gelida Manina


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