Butter Basics

My blog tends to deal more with the theoretical, nerdy aspect of food, stuff that (I hope) makes for an interesting read but rarely ever translates to practical tips for the kitchen. It’s time to mix things up, and devote an entire month to something more practical. All August, we’ll be dealing with home baking….

A Tale of Two Peninsulas

Growing up, the only exotic cuisines I was exposed to were Chinese (Indo-Chinese to be precise) and the so-called Continental food, a blanket term referring to foods from the continent of Europe. It was only in the past few years that Kolkata has seen an increased influx of global cuisines, including “Italian food”. Even then,…

Frozen (Part 2)

Kulfis and Gelatos Last time, we looked at the water-based or non-dairy frozen desserts, from the simplest popsicles to the poshest sorbets. This week, we will tackle what most people think of when talking about frozen desserts: dairy-based desserts. Unlike the ones we saw last time, dairy rather than water forms the base for these…

Frozen (Part 1)

Golas and Granitas “Summertime, and the living is easy”. Gershwin’s 1935 lyrics surely don’t seem appropriate in current times. The sweltering heat, not to mention the double whammy of the coronavirus pandemic and the devastation caused by Amphan has left everyone a little short of breath. In this series, let us look at frozen desserts,…

Welcome to the Gourmet Glutton!

Welcome to my blog. This isn’t your usual recipe blog. Here at The Gourmet Glutton, we talk about anything and everything about food, from the classics to the latest trends, from biryani to croquembouche. So join in, and Bon Apetit!